100 Essential Things You Didn't Know You Didn't Know about by John D. Barrow PDF

By John D. Barrow

A desirable exploration of math’s connection to the arts.
At first look, the worlds of math and the humanities will possibly not appear like cozy buddies. yet as mathematician John D. Barrow issues out, they've got a powerful and typical affinity—after all, math is the learn of all styles, and the realm of the humanities is wealthy with development. Barrow whisks us via a hundred thought-provoking and sometimes whimsical intersections among math and lots of arts, from the golden ratios of Mondrian’s rectangles and the curious fractal-like nature of Pollock’s drip work to ballerinas’ gravity-defying leaps and the following new release of monkeys on typewriters tackling Shakespeare. For these people with our ft planted extra firmly at the flooring, Barrow additionally wields daily equations to bare what percentage guards are wanted in an paintings gallery or the place you want to stand to examine sculptures. From track and drama to literature and the visible arts, Barrow’s witty and obtainable observations are absolute to spark the imaginations of math nerds and paintings aficionados alike. eighty five illustrations

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If you move your arms around, or tuck your knees into your chest, you can change the location of parts of your body relative to your center of mass. Throw an asymmetrical object, like a tennis racket, through the air and you will see that one end of the racket may follow a rather complicated backward looping path through the air. The center of mass of the racket, nevertheless, still follows a parabolic trajectory. Now we can begin to see what the expert ballerina 31 can do. Her center of mass follows a parabolic trajectory but her head doesn’t need to.

This radiation was first discovered accidentally in 1965 by Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson, when it showed up as unexpected noise in a very sensitive radio receiver at Bell Labs in New Jersey, where it was designed to track the Echo communications satellite. 57 Since that Nobel Prize–winning discovery by Penzias and Wilson, this Cosmic Background Radiation (“the CMB”) has become the source of the most precise information we have about the past history and structure of the universe. Huge resources have been invested by space agencies in mapping its temperature and other properties across the whole sky using satellite-borne receivers that can eliminate the confusing effects of the Earth’s atmosphere.

The resulting print and page areas are in the same ratio. 4 These principles still continue to inform modern book design5 with its more complex possibilities and automatic computer control of layout. 44 10 The Sound of Silence On March 6, 2012, Ludovico Einaudi and I made a presentation together at the Parco della Musica in Rome about La Musica del Vuoto. I talked about the ancient and modern conceptions of the vacuum (the vuoto of the title) in science and music, and of zero in mathematics; and Einaudi performed piano pieces that showed the influence of silence, and hence timing, in musical composition and performance.

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