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During this, the second one quantity in an enormous new sequence featuring center ideas throughout quite a number severe components of human wisdom, writer Joanne Baker unravels the complexities of 20th-century medical conception for a common readership. She explains principles on the state-of-the-art of medical enquiry, making them understandable and obtainable to the layperson.

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Majority rule. e. simple majority as we discussed previously. More generally we can state: and leEjO,1[,P 1 EjO;-t[ IcE]1, + 00 [,PI E H; 1 [ As Ie -+ 00 we approach the unanimity decision rule asymptotically which only reflects the fact that the more disproportionate the payoffs, the larger majority one should require. 2. e. if we face a 'biased culture' then the probabilities of winning (PI) and of losing (Pz) are no longer equal - even if the payoffs are assumed exactly symmetric. To make the constitutional gamble 'fair' we would be led to use a system of head taxes and subsidies for the individual citizens in order to remedy the possible positive or negative bias that may result under certain voting rules such as majority voting.

J 1 = -m! for j = 1,2, ... m! 4. g. ai vs. ak. ) of patterns for ai over ak as against it. Because of the equal probability distribution {Pj} this means that if we choose at random an individual hEY' the probability that he is for al over a k is t (respectively for a k over a;). g. ai vs. a k. If this number (l) is odd the decisive individual is equally likely to vote for or against ai. Coming back to our representative citizen insisting upon making the social decision rule fair we now see that if we choose the 50% rule - and only with this rule - is he sure to face a fair gamble since then the expected value of the game is We now can state the following "fairness" theorem for majority voting.

Let :J4 be the matrix representing the m! admissible opinion patterns. Each row vector of :J4 contains an equal number ofO's and I's. Proof· (i) Let us look at all the m! permutations defined on the set d. g. 4 represents a paired comparison of two elements in 04 say, a versus b. JlJ since the numbering of our alternatives is arbitrary. m! (ii) Among all m! permutations of the set 04, there are exactly - = m = (m - I)! a-dominant permutations (The same is true for the number of b-dominant, c-dominant, etc ....

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