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Designed within the years following the Korean battle after which synthetic for over 30 years beginning in 1960, the A-6 fast grew to become the main able assault plane within the US Navy's good. the 1st squadron, VA-75, made its preliminary deployment at once into wrestle in south-east Asia in 1965, and, over the subsequent 8 years, ten US military and 4 Marine Intruder squadrons may behavior wrestle operations all through Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. After preliminary difficulties and a excessive loss fee, the kind proved itself past all doubt because the Naval companies' top evening and foul-weather platform, quite throughout the region's infamous monsoon season, that could floor just about all different in-theatre airplane because of heavy rains and occasional visibility. The A-6 Intruder grew to become a real vintage of naval aviation over the skies of North Vietnam, with 14 of its crews being honoured with the second one maximum ornament in Naval carrier, the military go. the associated fee was once excessive as sixty nine Intruders have been misplaced in wrestle to all explanations through the struggle. This paintings tells the whole tale of those plane in wrestle throughout the Vietnam conflict.

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Ruled an operational, vice combat, mishap, the Intruder crew (1Lt R V Smith and his B/N) were able to eject and be recovered. The Crusader pilot, Capt Larry Hubler, was killed. The following night another VMA(AW)-533 jet went down, this time while striking Hoi Lac airfield located about 20 miles northwest of Hanoi. Maj Jerry Marvel and Capt Larry Friese had flown at low level to the target, dodging SAMs and AAA en route, only to find that their computer would not allow a system delivery, so they performed a manual drop on the runway.

Buckeye 513’ is shown here unleashing a string of Mk 82 Snakeyes from level flight at high altitude. com The only deployment VA-196 made in Intruders that was not with CVW-14 was its 1969-70 trip with CVW-2 and Ranger. Squadron markings remained remarkably stable throughout this period, with the normal orange stripe on the tail and black ace of spades behind the cockpit. NE 506 is being directed towards Cat No 4 on Ranger in this photograph, the jet being loaded with Mk 82s. An RA-5C from the ‘Savage Sons’ of RVAH-5 is in the foreground.

75-in rockets, 5-in Zuni rockets, napalm and M117 750-lb bombs, as well as mines. The M66 and its smaller 1000-lb M55 stablemate were World War 2-era ‘high-drag’ GP bombs that had been hastily pulled from ammunition dumps when the preferred ‘low-drag’ Mk 80-series weapons went through a ‘bomb shortage’ as initial use quickly outstripped supplies. The box-finned GP bombs would be dropped on the enemy for several years. The AGM-12 Bullpup missile would sporadically show up on ordnance lists through to 1970 too, but the weapon proved unpopular due to the predictable (and flak-drawing) flightpath required while guiding the weapon to impact.

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