Richard Mayou, Michael Sharpe, Alan Carson's ABC of Psychological Medicine PDF

By Richard Mayou, Michael Sharpe, Alan Carson

ISBN-10: 0727915568

ISBN-13: 9780727915566

This ebook offers either the facts and the information to permit medical professionals to enhance their review and administration of the mental and behavioural facets of the commonest difficulties offering more often than not treatment. It summarises the hot learn proof and gives logic counsel on how mental and psychiatric elements of disorder might be addressed in the scientific session.

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The physician healer ancient magic or modern science? Br J Gen Pract 1999;49:309-12 x Fink P, Rosendal M, Toft T. Assessment and treatment of functional disorders in general practice: the extended reattribution and management model—an advanced educational program for nonpsychiatric doctors. Psychosom 2002;43:93-131 x Smith GR. Management of patients with multiple symptoms. In: Mayou R, Bass C, Sharpe M, eds. Treatment of functional somatic symptoms. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1995:175-87 x Tate P.

6%) Other violence (20%) Burglary (40%) Theft (22%) Criminal damage and arson (11%) Other crime (5%) Chronic pain and disability A small number of those who have suffered trauma continue to complain of physical symptoms and disabilities that are difficult to explain. Investigations are negative or ambiguous, and the relationship between doctors and patients may become fraught. Doctors may feel their patient is disabled for psychological reasons, whereas patients may feel that doctors do not believe that their symptoms are real and that they are unsympathetic and are not offering appropriate treatment.

Unexplained” somatic syndromes, somatisation: do we need a paradigm shift? Ann Intern Med 2001;134:296 x Wessely S, Nimnuan C, Sharpe M. Functional somatic syndromes: one or many? Lancet 1999;354:936-9 7 Chronic multiple functional somatic symptoms Christopher Bass, Stephanie May The previous article in this series described the assessment and management of patients with functional somatic symptoms. Most such patients make no more than normal demands on doctors and can be helped with the approach outlined.

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