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By Edwin Hewitt, Kenneth A. Ross

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Contents: Preliminaries. - parts of the idea of topolo- gical teams. -Integration on in the neighborhood compact areas. - In- variation functionals. - Convolutions and staff representa- tions. Characters and duality of in the neighborhood compact Abelian teams. - Appendix: Abelian teams. Topological linear spa- ces. advent to normed algebras. - Bibliography. - In- dex of symbols. - Index of authors and phrases.

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Thus there are many 42 Chapter II. Elements of the theory of topological groups continuous homomorphisms [in fact automorphisms ] of R that cannot be reconstructed simply from the given topology on Rand the kernel of the homomorphism. 29) inlra shows. 19). 28) Lemma. A tocaUy countabty compact regutar space X is not the union 01 a countabte number 01 ctosed sets aU having void interior. 00 Proof. Suppose that X = U An, where each An is closed and A~=0. n=l For each n,let Dn=A~. Then each Dn is open and dense in X.

16) Corollary. 15). Proof. 15). 17) Corollary. Let G be a compact group. Then the structures 9; (G) and 9;. (G) are equivalent. Proof. 15). (G) are equivalent. 9). 0 Miscellaneous theorems and examples We now list a number of examples of topological groups and give other illustrations of the definition of a topological group, uniform structures, etc. Some of the following assertions are proved only sketchily, and some are not proved at all. Verification in such cases is left to the reader. 24 Chapter 11.

Deseribe the group ((OZ)+Z)/Z as a subgroup of the eompact group R/Z. 33) on the seeond isomorphism theorem ean be extended. 32). 33), we showed that if rp is open as a mapping of A onto AH/H, then 't' is a homeomorphism. The eonverse is also true. [The eondition § 5. Subgroups and quotient groups 49 that 7: be a homeomorphism can be recast as folIows: if Y is a subset of A such that y. (A nH) =A n U for some open subset U of G, then Y H = vn (AH) for some other open subset V of G. Now if W is open in G, it is easy to see that (A n W) .

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