Achilles in Vietnam: Combat Trauma and the Undoing of by Jonathan Shay PDF

By Jonathan Shay

ISBN-10: 1439124922

ISBN-13: 9781439124925

Publish 12 months note: First released in 1994

An unique and groundbreaking e-book that examines the mental devastation of warfare by means of evaluating the warriors of Homer's Iliad with Vietnam veterans being affected by post-traumatic tension disorder

In this strikingly unique and groundbreaking publication, Dr. Shay examines the mental devastation of struggle by means of evaluating the warriors of Homer's Iliad with Vietnam veterans struggling with post-traumatic tension sickness. even if the Iliad was once written twenty-seven centuries in the past it has a lot to educate approximately wrestle trauma, as do the newer, compelling voices and reviews of Vietnam vets.

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For a mix of reasons, however, the administration rejected intervention of any kind. Washington officials continued to doubt French willingness to address basic political problems. They worried, too, that American intervention could not be kept limited. ’’14 Fresh off three grueling years of war in Korea, few Americans wanted to risk another major embroilment in Asia. American caution deepened when Britain, wary of igniting a major war in Southeast Asia, and other countries rebuffed Eisenhower’s proposal for multinational military action in Vietnam.

Officials had little difficulty agreeing on a basic plan. Over the previous few years, Washington had settled on a general approach for resisting communism in Europe. Under the containment policy embraced in 1946, the Truman administration had decided not to challenge communism where it already had taken hold but to block its further expansion. Under the 1947 Truman Doctrine, the administration had pledged to aid foreigners actively fighting communist encroachment. With communism threatening to spill beyond Chinese borders, the moment seemed to have arrived to extend these solutions to Asia.

Traditionally, northern Vietnam had relied on food from the more productive south to make up for local shortfalls. But after the Geneva agreement, the government in Saigon blocked economic exchange between the two zones. Famine soon loomed in the North. Compounding this problem, fear of communism led many urban professionals, middle-class entrepreneurs, and Catholics—economically crucial groups—to flee to the South. Industrial activity ground almost to a standstill. Desperate for breathing space to address these problems, the Hanoi government declared its determination to abide by the plan for peaceful reunification laid out in the Geneva Accords.

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