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The oracle opposed to the King of Tyre, present in Ezekiel 28.12-19, is a tricky textual content that encouraged various interpretations in past due Antiquity. for instance, in line with one rabbinic culture the textual content talked about the 1st guy, Adam, whereas the Church Fathers present in an analogous textual content an outline of the autumn of devil. This ebook reports the rabbinic assets, patristic literature, the Targum, and the traditional translations, and seeks to appreciate the explanations for the varied interpretation, the interplay among the exegetical traditions and the groups of interpreters, particularly among Jews and Christians, and the influence the explicit shape and wording of the textual content had at the formation and improvement of every interpretation.

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Palestinian amora. 37 34 chapter two In the Torah of R. Meir it was found to be written “behold very good and behold death was good” (‫מות‬ ‫טוב‬ ‫הנה‬ ‫מאד‬ ‫טוב‬ ‫)הנה‬. R. Nahman said, I was riding upon the shoulder of my grandfather and going up from his city to the village of Hanan on the Beth Shean road, and I heard R. Eleazar sitting and interpreting in the name of R. Meir, “behold very good and behold death was good”. It is not clear whether the main text of R. Meir’s copy of the Torah read ‘death’ (‫ )מות‬instead of ‘exceedingly’ (‫ )מאד‬or whether this was a marginal note.

8 The Wisdom and Splendour of Adam The first of our two interpretations that identify the figure of Ezekiel 28 with Adam concerns Adam’s superabundance of wisdom prior to his consumption of the forbidden fruit and expulsion from the garden of Eden. There is no more obvious place for such a tradition to surface than in Ecclesiastes Rabbah. Another interpretation of Who is like the wise man? (Eccl 8:1): This is the First Man (‫ )אדם הראשון‬of whom it is written, You were a seal of correctness (‫תכנית‬ ‫חותם‬ ‫ אתה‬Ezek 28:12).

Jer 23:24). Joshua was called ‘full’ because it is said: ‘and Joshua, son of Nun, was filled by a spirit of wisdom’ (Deut 34:9). Caleb was called ‘full’ because it is said: ‘but my servant Caleb, because he had a different spirit, so he followed me fully (‫( ’)וימלא אחרי‬Num 14:24). Bezalel was called ‘full’ because it was said: ‘a divine spirit filled him with wisdom’ (Exod 35:31). Oholiab was called ‘full’ because it was said: ‘he filled them with a wise heart’ (Exod 35:35). Hiram was called ‘full’ because it was said: ‘full of wisdom and entirely beautiful’ (Ezek 28:12).

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