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By Andrew D. Lambert

ISBN-10: 057123156X

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From the guy defined by means of Amanda Foreman as 'one of the main eminent naval historians of our age' comes the tale of ways this country's maritime energy helped Britain achieve exceptional dominance of the world's financial system. informed throughout the lives of ten of our so much notable admirals, Andrew Lambert's booklet spans Elizabethan occasions to the second one global warfare, culminating with the spirit which led Andrew Browne Cunningham famously to claim, while the military feared he could lose too many ships, 'it takes 3 years to construct a boat; it takes 3 centuries to construct a tradition'.

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The Royal Navy was never perfect, even at Trafalgar, and has had its fair share of fools and knaves; but it has always been able to recover from setbacks to emerge victorious, even against such recent foes as the Treasury and the Royal Air Force. This study charts how the art of naval command has evolved within a single organisation over a period of four hundred years. The figures discussed are not necessarily the best admirals in history, even supposing such a thing could be measured, but each undoubtedly contributed to the evolution of the art; studied together, their careers form a coherent pattern.

No sooner had Howard entered office than the crisis of the sixteenth-century English state broke. He was one of the commissioners who condemned Mary, Queen of Scots to death, and he urged Elizabeth to approve the sentence. Mary’s death removed the last reason that had persuaded Philip II to stay his mighty hand. He saw no good reason to overthrow the heretic bastard Elizabeth simply to put French Mary on the throne. With Mary dead he had a good claim to the English throne, and the power to uphold it.

But rank and quality were his recommendation, not administrative expertise. Royal powers could only be assumed at sea by a great nobleman, a critical qualification when much of his work would involve dealing with foreign powers. Nor were his officers amenable to modern concepts of discipline. Howard’s authority to command stemmed from his social status and royal office; there were no Articles of War. Tudor naval leadership required more carrot than stick, and the most useful asset the Queen gave him was the authority to knight men who distinguished themselves in her name.

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